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MATT EPP Events-23

Passed Event

Fr. 3. Nov. 2023 | 19:00 Uhr /// Ev. Kirche Budberg, Bischof-Roß-Straße, 47495 Rheinberg


  • MATT EPP | headliner
  • JD CROSSTOWN | opening act

The concert will be opened by JD Crosstown, as a duo with Alison MacGregor singing harmonies. You're going to love them! Then, I will do my concert with them supporting me on stage too.



ABOUT MATT EPP  International touring artist and award-winning songwriter Matt Epp is the quintessential troubadour of the Canadian prairies, who has won the admiration of an audience that spans the globe. A stark and confessional songwriter endowed with an infinite capacity to engage an audience, Epp’s performances encourage a sense of connection and community, where every listener leaves as a friend. He is one of the gifted forerunners defining the future landscape of Canadian music - no doubt contributing to his Grand Prize win at the International Songwriting Competition in 2017. A seasoned collaborator and activist, Matt's music has been on regular rotation on CBC, Sirius XM, and community radio for over a decade.

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ABOUT JD CROSSTOWN (opening act) When J.D Crosstown walks on stage an immediate hush falls over the crowd. His tall, lanky figure, flat brimmed hat and unassuming presence stirs enough curiosity and interest to quiet the room. He sets the stage with his easy wit and charm, making everyone laugh. And then he plays, his fingerpicking folk style reminiscent of old folk classics, like Lily of the West and Little Sadie. His voice, surprisingly deep, authentic, timeless and somehow still vulnerable at its roots. J.D Crosstown grew up in Neyaashiinigmiing First Nation. Both Anishinaabe and Cree, J.D spent time on two different reserves. His father, from Chapleau First Nation, loved playing folk music in his spare time, mostly Dylan, while J.D listened intently in the background, fascinated by the many stories expressed in song and melody. Being introduced to folk music led to years of listening to Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Jackson C Frank and Rambling Jack Elliot. These influences shine through in Crosstown’s style and lyrics. He is a storyteller. He captures the poignancy of a time and a place, of heartbreak, loss, hope, love, adventure and friendship. And everyone wants to listen, everyone is intrigued, and everyone loves a good story. And J.D Crosstown has a good story to tell.

 "Der den Mainstream nicht scheut, aber immer auch den Willen erkennen lässt, mit eindringlichen Melodien zu überwältigen." - ROLLING STONE

"Songs von beachtlicher Ohrwurmqualität sind" - STEREO

"Ein unaufgeregtes, wärmendes album, das auch aufgeräumt linst, mit einer feinen Auflösung und prima Raumgefühl." - AUDIO

"Matt Epps gefühlvoller stimme getragenen songs aus mit seiner unvergleichlichen Art, Geschichten zu erzählen" - PLATTENLADEN TIPPS